Meat Dishes and Uses of Stainless Skewers
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Grilled meat varieties and kebabs are essential elements of Turkish cuisine. Therefore, similar to other grill equipment, the use of stainless steel kebab skewers is also quite common. Depending on preference, non-stick, highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel kebab skewers are used to easily, conveniently, and healthily cook grilled dishes or kebab varieties over charcoal or any other heat source.

Stainless Skewer Usage

Stainless skewers are made from high corrosion-resistant steel material.

The stainless characteristic of the skewer eliminates potential health risks that may arise from contact with food, including meat dishes, various kebab types, and other foods used together. It ensures a hygienic use.

The use of stainless skewers can be preferred not only for kebab varieties but also for cooking red meat, white meat, or seafood. Additionally, it can be used for baked goods and vegetables. Its various types allow you to prepare different food combinations like vegetables and fruits in an appealing way to the eye, enabling you to create extraordinary presentations for your customers or loved ones.

For these reasons, stainless kebab skewers help enhance the flavor and diversity of your dishes.


There are various applications for the use of stainless kebab skewers in meat dishes.

Skewers for various meat dishes or kebabs are prepared in advance using oil or onions.

After the meats are threaded onto the stainless kebab skewer, allowing them to rest for a certain period in a cool place adds flavor to the meat. Stainless skewers, mostly preferred by hotels, restaurants, and kebab stands, are also a favorite of street vendors. Moreover, they are indispensable for families fond of barbecues and picnics. At home, they can be used for convenient meat dishes such as chicken, wings, diced meat, liver, and Adana kebab.

The Features of Stainless Kebab Skewer

Stainless kebab skewers are a favorite among kebab makers.

It is an indispensable choice for kebab masters. Stainless kebab skewers are used in many meat dishes such as Adana kebab, Urfa kebab, Beyti kebab, küşleme, eggplant kebab, cubed meat, and chicken wings.

Stainless kebab skewers can be used for many years. They can be produced in different lengths, thicknesses, and widths depending on the place of use. They can be designed either round or flat.


According to the preference of the master, stainless kebab skewers can be produced ranging from 40 centimeters up to 70 centimeters in length. They can also be designed in larger sizes for big stoves and professional kitchens. Stainless kebab skewers with lengths of 50 centimeters or more are recommended to have an ideal thickness of 3 millimeters. This is because as the length of the skewer increases, the likelihood of bending and warping also increases.

The handle part of the stainless kebab skewer can be produced from materials such as steel, bronze, wood, or a type of metal alloy called zamak. In some applications, different figures or logos can be engraved on the handle part.

Stainless skewers prevent the insides of meat dishes from remaining raw by ensuring even cooking throughout the meat. Its lightweight and portable feature enables its use in different environments. It is especially a practical tool for cooking meat, particularly in picnic barbecues.

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