Meat Dishes and How to Use a Stainless Steel Skewer

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Blog / 2019-06-11

Meat Dishes and How to Use a Stainless Steel Skewer

Grilled meats and kebabs are essential parts of Turkish cuisine. That is why the use of stainless steel kebab skewers are as common as the other grill accessories. Preferably, stainless, corrosion resistant kebab skewers are used to grill meat dishes or kebabs practically and healthily on ember or a different heat source.   

How to Use a Stainless Steel Skewer

Stainless steel skewers are made of highly corrosion resistant steel.

Skewers’ being stainless eliminates the health risks that may be caused by the meat dishes and kebabs’ contacting with other foods. It provides a hygienic use.

Stainless steel skewers may be used to cook red meats, white meats and seafood as well as kebabs. Besides, it may be used for bakery products and vegetables. It has various types so that you can prepare eye-pleasing food combinations using vegetables and fruits and serve your customers or loved ones extraordinarily stylish plates. Due to these reasons, stainless steel kebab skewers help you prepare more delicious meals and increase the variety of your foods.

There are different uses of stainless steel kebab skewers while preparing meat dishes. Skewers are prepared using oil or onion before cooking various meat dishes or kebabs.

Resting meat after they are put on kebab skewers and keeping them cool for a while adds flavour to it. By professional means, stainless skewers are mostly favoured by hotels, restaurants, fireside kebab restaurants, and peddlers. Moreover, it is indispensable for families going on picnic and barbecue. At home, it is used for practical meat dishes such as chicken, chicken wings, casseroled meat, liver and Adana kebab.

Features of Stainless Kebab Skewers

Stainless kebab skewers are irreplaceable for kebab restaurants and cooks. It is used to grill Adana kebab, Urfa kebab, Beyti kebab, Küşleme, aubergines with meatballs on skewers, casseroled meat and chicken wings.

Stainless kebab skewers can be used for many years. They can be produced in different lengths, thicknesses and widths. They can be round or flat shaped.

According to the cook’s preference, their length start from 40 cm up to 70 cm. They can be produced bigger to fit in furnaces and professional kitchens. For skewers of 50 cm or longer, the ideal thickness is 3 mm because the longer the skewer is, the bendable it is.

Handles of skewers can be made from steel, bronze, wooden or a different metal alloy. Sometime a different figure or a logo can be carved on the handle.

Stainless steel skewer makes the meat cook from inside as well, so that the meat does not stay raw. It is lightweight and portable so that it can be used in different environments. It is especially useful and practical for outdoor grills to cook meat in picnic.



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